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Tribe is a part of the Unashamedly Ethical global movement of individuals and organisations guided by a founding vision to transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living.The goal of this movement is to develop an unashamedly ethical culture among this generation of leaders and the next.

3 Pillars of Unashamedly Ethical Movement

The strategy is based on a plan to identify, train, equip and release ambassadors and coordinators that are unashamedly ethical.


By signing an Unashamedly Ethical commitment form, a person or organisation publicly states that it is taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living.


Signatories become part of the Unashamedly Ethical community, opening a broad base of networking opportunities, and are added to a directory on the Unashamedly website and mobile app where valuable business and individual connections are made.


The network is a powerful conduit for relational accountability, trust and unity.  In the business context all signatories are held accountable to the Unashamedly Ethical code of ethics by an independent ombudsman, who handles written submissions and complaints to ensure standards are maintained.

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