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Transforming Leaders | Transforming Nations

Transformation of every sphere of society globally is possible and young people are the key to lasting change.

If we want to have lasting impact in the world we live in, we need to reach out to this generation of young people.

We at TRIBE believe in the power and potential of the youth to come up with sustainable solutions to some of the pressing issues the world at large is facing today.

We want to raise a generation of leaders among the youth, by supporting them, through strategic partnerships with local organisations.

We achieve that by creating sustainable and positive social change in their homes, schools, universities, and local communities. Our aim is global transformation through individuals taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living in their local communities.

A beautiful multi-ethnic group of young adults.

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what we do

Our goal is to form local tribe communities of members all over the world

Individuals / non-profit/ NGO's or organizations, TRIBES are a safe haven for leaders to share openly about their work or business, family, spiritual or personal lives and receive unbiased feedback from others.

Tribes are therefore an important aspect to our campaign. We believe that each one should teach one, we believe in mentorship and peer to peer support to make sure that we encourage each other to be ethical in all that we do, be it in our personal lives, school, work environment, NGOs or organisations. We believe that marketplace leaders need to support peers who are dealing with issues of maintaining ethical dealings in the marketplace.


These tribes mobilise and encourage leaders to transform their communities through consistently imparting ethical principles to those around them and to work together in taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living. It is a great space for you to grow in wisdom from the life experience and advice of other members of the tribe, in a safe and non-threatening environment.

We encourage you to join a tribe today; be part of a group of leaders who wish transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living.

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The goal of our movement is to develop and establish a culture of ethics values and clean living among this generation of leaders and the next and for us to be able to do this effectively, we are busy working on tools and resources.