Culture shift – A values implementation strategy for schools.

Equipping and empowering headmasters and teachers with a strategy to build a values-driven culture within the school.

This program aims to shift a school’s values from posters to practice and to shift positive behaviour from occasional events to habitual changes affecting the whole school. This is a tried and tested strategy used to redesign the whole school’s culture based on their desired values. Our team has years of experience working in and with various schools in a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. The whole school, staff, and learner leaders are involved and take ownership of the process. The facilitator will provide support on an ongoing basis so that the school can achieve its goal of cultivating positive values-driven culture.

Topics Covered

  • Organisational culture formation
    • Rule driven cultures vs values driven cultures
    • School’s values and culture audit
    • Values driven culture implementation strategy development

Program delivery methods

In person

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